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Tyre pressures are an important part of car maintenance as they have an impact of the safety, handling and fuel economy of the vehicle. If the pressure of the tyres is incorrect, this will have a negative impact on the vehicle and tyre wear.

Under inflated tyres have a larger surface area in contact with the road surface, which means that it takes more effort from the engine to make the tyres spin, ultimately increasing fuel consumption. This will also have an adverse effect upon handling and grip and have a higher chance of a blowout when you are driving at speed such as on the motorway.

It is important that you check your tyre pressures regularly to ensure that they are at the optimum performance levels. If you do not know that your tyre pressures should be, then you have landed on the right website to find out. We offer a free comprehensive listing of the recommended tyre pressures for a wide range of manufacturers cars. The information we provide is free of charge and aims to be correct, however please refer to your owners manual if required.

Tyre Pressures