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Caravan Tyre Safety

Caravan tyres are designed through consultation with the tyre manufacturer and the caravan manufacturer which ensures that they are made to suit their purpose. This means that the safety features of them are specific to that type of vehicle; it is up to the caravan owner to keep the tyres in a safe condition.

Having the right type of tyre fitted is essential; not doing so will cause danger to everyone towing the caravan and on the road around it. This is because there are two main types of tyre available, radial and cross-ply. It is essential that the same type of tyre is fitted on the axel to ensure that they are equal in terms of weight bearing load and performance. It is important to carry a spare tyre with you, but this must be an exact match of the tyres currently on the caravan.

Another important aspect of caravan tyre safety is the level of inflation. Each tyre will have an optimum tyre pressure at which you will receive top performance and safety. If a tyre is under inflated, then it is susceptible to blow outs. This is because it wears the outer edge of the tyre out, causing it to burst. This will also reduce fuel economy as more resistance is created by the underinflated tyre, making the engine work harder to turn them. Over-inflating a tyre will cause the middle of the tyre to bulge, resulting in a higher rate of wear and ultimately costing you more money in replacements.

It is imperative that you do not over load tyres, as this is very dangerous. You must ensure that even if the overall load of the caravan is below or on the limit, that it is evenly distributed and does not lead one tyre to be taking the majority of the weight, thus making it overloaded. This will make the caravan unstable and could result in police intervention.

Caravans are generally used during spring, summer and even autumnal months, however they are left dormant during the winter. it is during these harsh months of weather than types which are left dormant are most susceptible to damage. It is imperative that you check the tyres thoroughly before you embark on your first journey of the new season; look for cracks and any other signs of wear and replace tyres where necessary.