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How do I check tyre Pressures?

Maintaining optimum tyre pressure is important for fuel economy as well as preserving the tread on the tyre, thus making them last longer. The optimum pressure varies between tyres and vehicles, there fore you may be wondering how to find out what yours should be and what they are now; fortunately, there are a few quick and simple ways to find this important information.

Firstly, to find out what your tyre pressures should be, you can consult your handbook which will have been issued when you purchased the vehicle. However, in most cases, this will be stored somewhere in your house and not be easily accessible, so an alternative is to check the sill of your driver door as this will have the required information on too. Over time, this information panel may fade and become worn, meaning that it will be difficult to read. Another alternative to finding the required information here is to visit tyrepressurechecker.com. Our site has all of the optimum pressure readings for all cars; from Porsche to Citroen; you can find your car in the click of a button and the relevant tyre pressure.

Once you know what pressure your tyres should be at, you will need to know what pressure they are currently at to know whether they require inflating or not. This is most commonly checked at your local petrol station; all you need to do is take the nozzle from the air machine and place it on your tyre valve – as most machines of this type are now digital, the pressure will be displayed on the screen. You can set the digital machine to the required pressure and then the tyres will be inflated to this point.

An alternative to this is to buy a home -check kit which is available from motor shops such as Halfords. There are many to choose from which will give you accurate pressure readings; they are small, handheld machine and so are perfect for daily or weekly usage.